FPVZ USA Inc.  The Daughter Registry for FPZV Germany and our Friesian Horses
FPVZ USA Inc.  The Daughter Registry for FPZV Germany and our Friesian Horses

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A Letter from Bill Meyer

As president of FPZV USA, I wish to say hello and welcome you to our website! We appreciate you taking the time to view our site, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our registry and the amazing and versatile Friesian breed. Our Board of Directors and advisors is made up of Friesian owners appointed by FPZV in Germany, to manage our member's affairs with integrity and sincerity. Everyone who serves on or with the Board does so as an unpaid volunteer. I wish to express my gratitude for the amount of work performed by them each year.

Many ask, with so many Friesian registries out there, what is so special about the FPZV. Friesenpferde-Zuchtverband e.V. (FPZV) in Germany has dedicated its efforts since its inception in 1979, to the preservation of the purity of the Friesian breed and the development of the Friesian in the world of Equine sport. It is an internationally recognized organization with daughter associations scattered throughout Europe, Scandanavia, Australia, Africa and North, Central, and South America, and is one of the only two registries in the world able to register Friesians in the mother Stambook. As such, the FPZV has the ability to approve stallions, and when bred to properly registered studbook mares, register the offspring in the KFPS Mother Breeding Book.

FPZV USA, Inc, as the sole representative of the North, Central, and South American members of the FPZV, maintains its mission, to act in a supporting role to its members in the management of their breeding programs and their participation in sport. FPZV USA, Inc provides assistance in the processes of registration, pedigree proofing, ownership transfers, and through its member fees, funds through its association with organizations such as USDF, award programs. It is our goal and obligation to our members to provide these services in a fair and timely manner without prejudice.

Our philosophy, similar to our parent organization, is to preserve the integrity of the purebred Friesian horse in the Americas.


April 2015

Hello members, it is April of 2015. It’s about time for the babies to start arriving, we want to remind you all to be sure and get in the appropriate paperwork to avoid delays in registration. We would also like to remind everyone to send in your 2015 Membership forms (due April 30th). If you own an approved stallion, it is necessary to contact the office to arrange the yearly licensing fees required.

For the last five years, we have endeavored to have a stallion performance test. Unfortunately, we have not had enough stallion owners come forward and put their horses in the testing program. One of the difficulties facing owners has been the cost of the SPT. These costs have included the necessity of bringing over FN and FPZV certified trainers for under saddle work or harness work for the 50 day test, as well as a judging panel and qualified foreign riders and drivers for the test itself. In addition, many stallion owners have opted to go the performance route in gaining breeding approval, a stallion must achieve a score of 65 in three consecutive tests at pre-St. George level dressage. This is a lengthy and costly effort for any stallion and owner, and can dramatically reduce the number of years a stallion remains in service.

We have been negotiating with the FPZV in Germany since the 2014 inspection tour regarding making adjustments to an SPT in the United States that would make it more cost-effective for the membership, and still provide us with an adequate measure of a stallion’s abilities. As a result of these negotiations the FPZV has agreed to allow FPZV USA to perform a 30 day test beginning in 2015. We will be allowed to use qualified US trainers for both in harness and under saddle portions of the training/evaluation phase. The SPT will take place in Southern California, and is scheduled to begin in October immediately following the conclusion of the IFSHA nationals held in Burbank, California. The test portion of the SPT will occur the first week of November at the conclusion of the 2015 inspection tour.

As in the past, stallions which have been recommended to the SPT on previous inspection tours will be welcome to participate in the stallion performance test. To further qualify, to this shortened test, stallions must be able to ride and drive proficiently prior to coming to the SPT. Owners of stallions who were recommended to the SPT between 2011 and 2015 will receive letters of invitation for this test. If you have a registered stallion that has not been recommended, because he has transferred from another registry, or has not been inspected, that is over four years old, they may also apply, by sending a video to our office for review. Please contact Lisa our secretary via e-mail for additional information.

Due to the changes in the testing protocol, stallions who complete the test and subsequent stallion kuering, will be approved for breeding within the Americas only. That is North, Central and South America. All offspring by these approved stallions and out of properly registered Dutch or German mares, will have full registration in the mother studbook and retain all benefits and responsibilities of the Registry.

If you have a stallion and are interested in this year’s SPT, you must contact the office by e-mail no later than June 1, 2015. We will be sending out further information in June regarding fees and other information needed to stallion owners interested.

Happy Spring!


Bill Meyer, President FPZV USA

FPZV USA, P. O. Box 1596, Monroe, WA 98272 425-345-3129



A Short Note from the Webmaster...

We're sure everyone is very busy as it is foaling season, and then the next keuring will soon be approaching. We will be updating our forms soon for the 2016 Registration needs.

We also have begun listing horses for sale, and this avenue for exposure and sales will be expanding as you contribute more for availability, both with horses and equipment. For now, shown below, are 3 Friesians and a Friesian-cross for sale. These horses are listed with more information on the Classifieds Page. Please check them out.

I also encourage you to please send to me details of latest accomplishments so that we may share them with all interested parties. Farther below I have listed the fantastic acheivements of some of our members and their horses! The complete stories are on the Recognition Page. Please add yours to the list!

Please contact me through the webmaster link in the navigation sidebar to the left, and provide a concise write-up of your horse(s) or the items, or the event, in addition to your photos.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and check out how you can share.



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