FPVZ USA Inc.  The Daughter Registry for FPZV Germany and our Friesian Horses
FPVZ USA Inc.  The Daughter Registry for FPZV Germany and our Friesian Horses

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A Letter from Bill Meyer

As president of FPZV USA, I wish to say hello and welcome you to our website! We appreciate you taking the time to view our site, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our registry and the amazing and versatile Friesian breed. Our Board of Directors and advisors is made up of Friesian owners appointed by FPZV in Germany, to manage our member's affairs with integrity and sincerity. Everyone who serves on or with the Board does so as an unpaid volunteer. I wish to express my gratitude for the amount of work performed by them each year.

Many ask, with so many Friesian registries out there, what is so special about the FPZV. Friesenpferde-Zuchtverband e.V. (FPZV) in Germany has dedicated its efforts since its inception in 1979, to the preservation of the purity of the Friesian breed and the development of the Friesian in the world of Equine sport. It is an internationally recognized organization with daughter associations scattered throughout Europe, Scandanavia, Australia, Africa and North, Central, and South America, and is one of the only two registries in the world able to register Friesians in the mother Stambook. As such, the FPZV has the ability to approve stallions, and when bred to properly registered studbook mares, register the offspring in the KFPS Mother Breeding Book.

FPZV USA, Inc, as the sole representative of the North, Central, and South American members of the FPZV, maintains its mission, to act in a supporting role to its members in the management of their breeding programs and their participation in sport. FPZV USA, Inc provides assistance in the processes of registration, pedigree proofing, ownership transfers, and through its member fees, funds through its association with organizations such as USDF, award programs. It is our goal and obligation to our members to provide these services in a fair and timely manner without prejudice.

Our philosophy, similar to our parent organization, is to preserve the integrity of the purebred Friesian horse in the Americas.


Bill Meyer, President FPZV USA

FPZV USA, P. O. Box 1596, Monroe, WA 98272 425-345-3129



Main Contact

Lisa Eckhardt


P.O. Box 1596 Monroe

WA 98272

Tel. 1-425-345-3129

Wednesdays between 10 and 3 E.S.T.

Email: FPZVUSA@msn.com


Alternate Contact:

Pieter Franken








Friesenpferde-Zuchtverband e. V. (FPZV)


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